Purpose of the Houston SmartPlant Instrumentation LTUF

The SmartPlant Instrumentation Houston LTUF is a group of Intergraph Instrumentation Software Product users joined by a common interest in applying that product to the field of Instrumentation Engineering, Design, Drafting, and Maintenance.

Goals of the Houston SmartPlant Instrumentation LTUF

- To act as a forum for the exchange of information between LTUF members.
- To provide information to Intergraph concerning the present and future application needs and interests of LTUF members.
- To provide a forum and communications pathway for Intergraph to respond to the LTUF community.
- To foster a relationship where Intergraph relates to the LTUF membership as the collective, representative voice of its user base in the Houston, Texas area.

Membership in the Houston SmartPlant Instrumentation LTUF

Membership is free and is open to any member of the Process and Power Client Community P2C2 or clients of Intergraph Process, Power & Marine with an interest in SmartPlant Instrumentation.

Meetings of the Houston SmartPlant Instrumentation LTUF

General Membership meetings are scheduled 4 times annually, and are to be held within each quarter of the year. Additional committee meetings may be called by the SPI LTUF executive officers.